We focus on long-term value by investing to protect your principal while earning long-term positive returns. To protect your principal in your RESP, we invest your contributions in:

  1. Government bonds
  2. Investment grade corporate bonds (bonds assessed as high quality by the ratings agencies indicating a strong potential of repaying the loans)

Once your beneficiary is ready to attend post-secondary education, you can withdraw your principal.

To maximize the value of your RESP, the income that your principal earns over the life of your RESP is invested in securities such as:

  1. Canadian equities
  2. Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) (Translator’s note:  is “American” missing in front of equity?)
  3. Real Estate and Infrastructure ETFs
  4. International Equity ETFs

Our investment approach is built exclusively for RESPS. This means that we invest on a long-term time-horizon to grow the Plan assets so that when your beneficiary turns 18, the funds are there for their post-secondary education.