CST provides a sales charge refund for those who have a CSTTM Advantage Plan or Group Savings Plan. In fact, CST is the only group RESP with a dedicated sales charge refund account, where money is set aside to refund the sales charge for our families. With CSTTM Advantage Plan, when the beneficiary attends post-secondary school, we will refund 50% of the sales charges you paid. Group Savings Plans and CSTTM Advantage Plans opened before October 3, 2007 have different sales charge refund policies. Please see your Agreement for more information. To qualify for this refund:

  • You need to make all of your contributions
  • Your beneficiary needs to be in the plan when  (s)he turns 18
  • The beneficiary needs to collect all four EAPs

Should life happen and your situation change, we also offer you the ability to transfer to a Family or Individual Savings Plan if:

  • You prefer a less structured contribution schedule or,
  • The beneficiary pursues a post-secondary program that is shorter than four years or,
  • Your beneficiary decides to not pursue post-secondary education.